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St. Mary, Jamaica W.I.
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What people are saying about Glenleigh Jamaican Noni:

1. Noni can also be used externally (topically) in juice form or by using the noni soap and the noni hand and body lotion. Both of these body care products contain two essential oils:
Palm oil - which researchers say has the very best Vitamin E for the skin. Coconut oil - which rejuvenates the skin and prevents wrinkles.

2. "Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for creating this wonderful soap.  I have had a lot of problems with my skin for the past 4 years.  I tried everything, but nothing seemed to work.  I went to the HiLo supermarket in Negril, and saw your soap, bought 2 of them and used them as I would any other soap.  You wouldn't believe the change within a week of using your soap.."
Latoya, Negril

3. " is really true that we have to remember to say more thanks to everyone and appreciate their support!  For all my customers who feel great after drinking your noni juice...I have had great results with it.  Thank you!
Anonymous, Montego Bay

4. My son has had many irritating bouts of eczema flare-ups since he was born.  He has been prescribed many ointments and creams from various doctors, but to no avail.  After using the noni soap for 1 week his eczema immediately cleared, with no side effects.  Now my family here and abroad use the soap and we continue to have great results. 
Mother of 2 year old son, Kingston