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Glenleigh, Highgate
P.O. Box 32
St. Mary, Jamaica W.I.
Tel: (876) 992-2153

Glenleigh Noni Origin What is Noni? Why Glenleigh Noni?


Glenleigh Noni came into being as a result of the high price of foreign noni sold here. Therefore, as soon as we learned Morinda citrifolia (the botanical name for noni) was the same as what was called duck feed, and duppy sour sop here in Jamaica, we immediately began cultivating noni for local consumption.

The thought of providing a high quality product at an affordable price was our goal. In addition, the idea of developing a non-traditional agro processed product in our floundering economy, had far reaching positive implications. This process began in the summer of 1997.

The Glenleigh House